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Stephen Fry, Suffering and God

Recently an interview featuring Stephen fry has gone viral, in it he is asked the question “What will you say when you meet God?” [paraphrased] To which Stephen answers: “I’ll say, “Bone cancer in children? What’s that about? How dare you! How dare you create a world in which there is such suffering that is…

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Why do we say Amen ?

Let’s be honest how often have we said the word “Amen” and not really known what we are saying or why we are even saying it !? The word is used throughout Scripture, both in the Old Testament and the new. In fact the book where it occurs most is Deuteronomy (chapter 27) The Hebrew…

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Steadfast Global

An interview with Malcolm Macleod from Steadfast Global 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself Thanks for asking! My name is Malcolm MacLeod. I’m forty something, married, a father of two grown-up children and I walk with Jesus. 2. How did you come to know Jesus as your saviour? Through my teens I resented…

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