Websites: The Church, Teaching & General Interest

In no apparent order here are some of the websites/bogs   that I find myself frequenting:
(If the website has a blog, then the link will take you to the website)

Desiring God : A website founded by John Piper, well known for his preaching and books. The website contains many of Piper’s sermons, links to articles/ talks and even some of Piper’s poems.

Steadfast Global :  An organisation which seeks “To build a bridge between the Church in Scotland and persecuted Christians across the globe.

Thom S. Rainer : A website by Thom S. Rainer, incorporating general blogs, surveys, podcasts and links to resources/ blogs.

Reformation 21 : A great collection of articles and blog posts from well respected preachers and authors such as:  Ligon Duncan, Iain D Campbell and Carl Trueman.

The Free Church of Scotland : The website for the denomination to which I belong, containing  news and events, mission news, various other  resources  and a very handy Church finder.

The wee flea : The personal blog of the Rev. David Robertson.

Donald Macleod : The personal blog of Professor Donald Macleod.

Monergism : A huge collection of sermons, articles and various other resources.

The Aquila Report : A site which collects and presents various news items concerning the Church and other Christian topics.

Head Heart Hand : The personal website/blog of Professor David Murray, featuring a collection of sermons, links and resources.

Ligonier : Founded by R.C Sproul, this website contains link to hundreds of articles, sermons, answered questions and many more incredible resources (Look under the Learn section).

The Gospel Coalition : A website which features a myriad of articles, sermons, blogs, videos, book reviews, podcasts and much more.

Challies : The blog of Tim Challies.

C.R.T.A :  An index of various Reformed documents , ranging from Calvin’n Institutes to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

The Puritan Board : A forum in with many sections and often with interesting discussions.

The Christian Institute : A site which displays the latest British Christian news stories.

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