Bible Reading/Study Online

Although there are many online Bible reading/study sites to choose from, these are just a few I turn to using:

Logos Bible Software (computer program) : This program is quite pricey but it is a massive aid to Bible study, it’s a virtual library that indexes and allows you to search all your books and Bibles. The program also helps with looking into the original languages and with seeing what others have written about the passages you are studying.
Logos Bible Software (free app) : There is also a free app version of the program, it includes a few Bibles and several commentaries.

ESV Bible : Quite simply its the free ESV version of the Bible online, there is also a free app which is very easy to use. The online version is easy to use and allows you to follow various reading plans. If you happen to own to own an ESV study Bible you can also access all the study Bible notes.

Bible Gateway: This site is a great resource for reading the Bible in many various versions.

Bible Hub :  A great site the provides a good few translations along with plenty of commentaries and other various pages of helpful information.

Open Bible :  A page which is interesting if you have the time to take a good look at it, apart from the topic & verse search there are also many other unique and interesting functions.



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