Guest Post for the blog

If you’d like to write a guest post for the blog please feel free to use the contact form below. In the ‘content’ box please post a short Bio about yourself, and the blog idea or the text of the blog itself.
I am happy to post posts from those who do not have a blog or website, but who still want a platform for what they have to say.
As you can see from my blog I post about topics of all areas, and am happy to receive blogs on  topics that I have not yet covered.

Submission Guidelines:
1- I would rather original pieces of writing, but I will take pieces of writing that have been posted on your own site/blog. You may re-post your piece again, but please include a link back to this site.
2- If the piece is a re-post from your own site/blog then, if possible, a link should be added from the original, directing to your re-post on my blog.
3- I’m happy to publish posts covering various topics, as long as they have a reformed perspective and all the points are scriptural.
4- Posts can cover any topic of your interest and can be in various forms i.e. articles, reviews and even poetry if you so wish!
5- If suitable, I am happy to discuss the possibility of a regular posting spot.


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