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Before Light

Before the first race was run, Before you spoke into existence galaxies, and a million suns Before the first battle was ever fought and won You Knew me. Before the first darkening of night, Before the universe blazed into light, Before mortal man ever realised his plight You knew me Before the first babe cried,…

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The Unstoppable Gospel!

Whilst flying out from Edinburgh earlier today, as the morning sun gently illuminated small towns and villages below, I found myself despairing. As I looked down on these tilt-shifted, miniature streets and houses, the question entered my mind – just how many of those people were waking up today in the knowledge and fellowship of…

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Uber to the Airport

I’m writing this, coffee in hand, from a dark corner of Glasgow airport. This will be a short one just a few thoughts – mostly because my battery is almost out and the charger is hopefully making it’s way to the correct plane, along with the rest of my luggage… We have the instruction to…

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