Month: November 2014

Steadfast Global

An interview with Malcolm Macleod from Steadfast Global 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself Thanks for asking! My name is Malcolm MacLeod. I’m forty something, married, a father of two grown-up children and I walk with Jesus. 2. How did you come to know Jesus as your saviour? Through my teens I resented…

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“the hope that you have”

Gaelic is a notoriously difficult language to learn, this is partly due to it’s grammatical structures, take, for example,  this common phrase: “Alba gu bràth” = Scotland forever That’s all well and good, if not a bit cheesy, but countless times I have seen it written as: “Alba gu brath” = Scotland (for) spy/ Scotland…

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“Don’t forget to breathe”

Not all things should be shared with the wider world, there are plenty of issues that should remain personal and many more topics that no-one really cares to read about. I’ve spent most of my (almost) adult life trying to hide the fact I’m overweight, so the thought of blogging about it is not something…

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“We will not be silent”

Take the time to read about the incredible service that this group provides to the persecuted Church. Read about their current projects, see how you can get involved and sign up to get their monthly newsletter. Website Facebook Please share this picture, share this post and share their pages.  

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The time has come again for a blog post that is a month four months too late, in early July a group of brave Scottish British leaders arrived in a small village, called Hejce, in north-eastern Hungary, just a mile or two shy of the Slovakian border. Why were we here ? How do you…

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