Sing Scripture !

sing s
The Free Church of Scotland has released a second and updated version of Sing Scripture.
For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of Sing Scripture, it is pretty much as it says on the tin. It consists of a collection of worship songs, each one is a paraphrase of a passage from Scripture.
This second edition offers 52 paraphrases created by the special praise committee, from the foreword:

“These songs differ from most other Scripture paraphrases and from Scripture-based hymns in that they attempt to represent the meaning of the Scripture passages as fully and accurately as possible without undue expansion or omission. 
“The length of the songs has been determined largely by the natural structure and length of the Scripture passages rendered.
“Following the pattern of the Psalms, the passages selected contain not only words of direct prayer to and praise of God, but also teaching about God’s character, his dealings with us in providence and grace and our response to him.
“In singing these songs we show forth and extol the wonders of God’s sovereign salvation in Christ by the Holy Spirit, bringing glory to him and instruction, comfort and assurance to his people.”

Each of the paraphrases are metrical, and can be sung to all the favourite and common Psalm tunes that are already used to sing traditional Psalms and the newer Sing Psalm tunes.

Personally I cannot recommend these paraphrases enough, by singing the words that we are accustomed to reading – it brings a fresh awareness to their meaning. After having used them in fellowships/Bible-Studies, it really benefits singing the words you are about to study.

Unlike many of the other hymns, because the words come directly from Scripture, you can have the confidence of their theological integrity. And because they are arranged metrically they can be easily sung by anyone who knows even a few of the psalm tunes.
Sing Scripture provides and excellent alternative to conventional hymns/worship music. Sing Scripture adds  a new dimension to personal or public praise, with the confidence that the words are honouring and true. Have a look for yourself:

This is the Sing Scripture version of  Revelation 7: 9-17   (8787D)

1. See! Around the throne in heaven
gathered all before the Lamb
Stands a multitude unnumbered,
drawn from every tribe and clan,
Every nation, every language,
dressed in robes of shining white,
Waving palms with shouts of triumph
to salvation’s God of might.

2. Loud before the throne their voices
praise the God of saving grace,
Praise the Lamb while all the elders
join the creatures in their praise;
All around them are the angels
worshipping towards the throne,
Falling down upon their faces,
as they shout “Amen” as one.

3. “Praise and glory, thanks and wisdom,
honour, strength and sovereign might
Be to God, our God, for ever,
his by everlasting right.”
Then is heard the elder’s question:
“Who are these all clothed in white?
From what regions have they journeyed
to this place before God’s sight?”

4.“Great was once their tribulation,
through it they’ve been brought by God,
White their robes, for they have washed them
in the Lamb’s life-cleansing blood.
So before the throne of heaven
in God’s presence they are found,
And they serve him in his temple,
day and night their praises sound.

5. “God upon the throne of heaven
over them will spread his tent.
Never will they thirst or hunger,
nor will scorching sun torment.
For the Lamb enthroned will lead them,
as their Shepherd bring them near
To the springs of living water;
from their eyes God wipes each tear.”

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