Summer Holidays

This was written for the youth section of our local newsletter:

“Indeed, he who watches over Israel,he never slumbers or sleeps.” -Psalm 121: 4

Its time to throw away the text books, dump the diaries and jettison the jotters. That’s right, it’s the Summer holidays ! Weeks filled with with sun, sand and of course midges.
The Summer holidays are the longest holidays of the year, and are the best chance for teachers, students and parents all to take a well deserved break.
The perfect time to have a barbecue on a white sanded beach, go for a walk along the Lews Castle green or simply just lie back and relax in the warm glows of the sun.

The thing is have you ever just stopped and wondered “How ?”, how does everything carry on around us even when we are at our most relaxed how does it all just keep going ?
The answer isn’t a complicated physics equation, its a really very simple answer and its found in the bible:
“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace…”, God knows the movement of every planet, every wave and blade of grass, the Bible even says that God knows every hair on your head. God knows everything that is happening and that is going to happen.

Unlike us, God doesn’t get tired, he doesn’t need to go on a holiday or take a break away from things. And as we see from our Bible verse at the top, he doesn’t just know all things he is watching over and caring for everyone who believes in him and loves him.

Jesus tells a story about a shepherd who goes well out of his way to bring one sheep back to safety, the Bible says that Jesus is like this shepherd.

If you believe in Jesus and if you love him then he wont take a break, he will always be beside you and take care of you.”

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