For any that don’t know me, lets just saw I prefer crisps to cauliflower, cola to
carrots and caramel to cabbage. The fact is that I am rather over-weight, and never do I feel more over-weight than when the sun is out.
(Don’t worry this isn’t some new weight loss blog, bear with me)
When the sun is out and my temperature soars to unbelievable levels, when I walk around in the heat and feel as if I’m walking miles through a desert.
Never am I more aware of my problem than when I’m in the intense glare of the sun.

In the Bible we see light being used alongside with God, his presence and his power are described as being a light. In the Gospel that John wrote he calls Jesus the light(John 1:9), the light by which people can see a way out of the darkness of this world.

But light is also used to show how nothing escapes God, he sees all things and sometimes even as Christians we must face up to the light of God.
And yes in his perfect light, we see ourselves as wholly unfit, it can be a painful experience as we see all our faults and failings. All of our sin is made obvious when we compare ourselves to the perfect light of God.
But it is essential that we do continually look to God and see after his perfect light, through reading his word and in prayer.
And yes we might be convicted of our own failings and sin, but that is essential for us – that we then may take these failings and sins to God in prayer.
If we are Christians then we may try and hide our faces from the Light for a while but ultimately as the psalmist said in Psalm 36:9
“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light do we see light.”
In God’s light alone will we find life, and in his light alone will we truly see the reality of our sin but also of his eternal love and forgiveness for those that are his children.

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