Ruth and Boaz

For a while now my granny has been wanting to hear a sermon on the book of ruth, as it was after the expounding of a chapter in Ruth that she put her trust in Christ.
I had been reading Ruth over a few times and had a few sermon ideas from it, the problem being that these sermon ideas where all two-part sermons. In doing supply preaching there is not much sense in doing two-parters as you never know where you might be asked to go next.
But on Sunday night the minister asked if I would do two consecutive Prayer Meetings, giving me the chance not only  to preach the two part sermon, but also letting my gran hear it too.

God willing ,the plan is that on the first Prayer Meeting we look at how Boaz in his actions pointed towards the coming Christ. And then on the second week we look at how Ruth responded to Boaz, and how we as a church should respond to Christ.

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