Challenger Bus …

(Personal Post)

After reading in Hebrides News about the Free Presbyterian Church issuing a newsletter in which they state concerning the visiting Challenger Bus :
“…theology and worship of the Perth-based charismatic organisation as highly dangerous to the souls of the young”
The announcement will also be:
urging parents not to send their children to the Challenger Bus when it next visits the islands 1″

I been deeply saddened in reading this, especially after the many years of good work that has been performed by the Challenger bus team.
And of course there are some differences in methods its a Charismatic church group coming to our Presbyterian minded congregations.
The bus simply brings the Gospel to a wider audience then the local churches benefit from the (usually) increased youth attendance.

The free Church spokesperson summed it up well :

“It is to our shame that there are so many Presbyterian denominations on this island, and we long to see greater unity rather than deepening divisions. Many of our congregations have previously hosted the Challenger Bus and their excellent team. The Bus offers many engaging activities and has been enjoyed by hundreds of youngsters across the island.”
“Whilst we might sometimes differ on minor issues, we are happy to put these to one side and have every confidence that those who operate the bus have a burden to share the gospel of Jesus with our young people. We are delighted to have them working with us and look forward to the team returning soon.2”


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