Month: December 2012

Before Light

  Before the first race was runBefore you spoke into existence galaxies, and a million sunsBefore the first battle was ever fought, and won You died on that cross for me   Before the first darkening of nightBefore the universe first blazed into lightBefore mortal man ever realized his plight   You died on that…

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All Pointing to Jesus

    In the first chapter of Mathew,  at the very start of the synoptic Gospels we are confronted with 17 verses worth of names.  And it is so easy to skip past these names , and in doing so we would miss out  on forty two generations of Gods marvellous working and also we…

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The Psalms Of Jesus

  Whilst we are still in this day , before our, no doubt, busy week starts again it would be good to sit still for a while and  reflect on what Christ has done for us. For me anyway I’m in the habit of knowing something so well that it becomes simply knowledge to me…

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