Hay-fever Blues


Sitting  in my house  surrounded by tissues with my eyes streaming  unable to speak , no not because I’ve watched the “notebook” or “P.S I Love You” (again) but instead because of something so small and seemingly harmless that to look at you wouldn’t think could have any effect on me atall.


So what’s the culprit behind all my tears and phlegm  ? Tiny and seemingly innocent grains of pollen.


I have Hayfever , which is caused by my body seeing the pollen as a threat  and reacting by trying to expell the pollen in any way possible. Resulting in blurred vision and and a clogged up dizzy head.


We know that although we may be saved and made perfect I. The eyes of God , we do still sin , we know that we constantly do wrong against God. And it’s often easy to ask for repentance for the larger and moremobviousmsins in our lives , but what about the small sins that we deem normal ?


Before I go on I have to make clear that I Do be,I’ve that to God all sin is equal in offence and in punishment ,when I talk about large sins and small sins I’m talking more about how noticeable they are rather than their severity.


It can be easy to repent from the larger sins in our lives – the sins that we know are totally against the leadings of God. 

You know fine well when you have an eyelash or some sand in your eye , it hurts alot but it can be quite easily spotted and removed.


But pollen is so small that it can enter in quite easily and is almost impossible for us to see and to remove.

We can be prone to letting these small sins pass by unnoticed, whether these sins are  white lies or lustful thoughts or a despising for a specific person , or maybe we suffer from jealousy or anger- whatever one of these unnoticed sins that we are prone to committing it will usually give us the same symptoms .


It can Blur our vision on how we see our brother and sisters- if we have a problem or an issue with a brother or sister in Christ  then it can taint the way we see them and even the y way we portray them to others. instead of seeing them as our fellow worker and friend in Christ we can see them as a thorn in our side or as a problem.

When my eyes are really sore and all puffed up because of Hayfever the best thing I can do is put eye drops in them , eye drops that sting but eventually do clear up my vision.

 If we have a problem with anger , jealousy or something like that which results in us having a problem with our brother or sister in Christ then we must ask God  to cleanse us of these sin which can tear apart relationships and friendships, and which hinder the progress of the Gospel.


hay-fever also gives me a really clogged up and dizzy feeling head – leaving me feeling pretty disorientated and rough. 

If we harbour lots of small sins in our lives and let them stay and fester away then they can leave us feeling lost and confused and pretty disorientated concerning Our relationship with God.

The longer we let the small sins build up in our hearts the further away we are pushing our Saviour God. 

So if you are feeling far from God maybe you have a few sins in your life which although small they are still sin and putrid to God, turn to him and ask him to take away these sins – you know fine well that if you are saved he will listen to you , he’s your loving father and powerful King.


“..do not think any sin trivial; remember it will have everlasting consequences.”” – Robert murray McCheyne







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