Toothache and Butterflies

A Whole New Creation

I will be carrying on with my ‘walk with God‘ series of blogs , but just wanted to look at something a bit different for this post .
I have now been awake for a good 7 hours  due to toothache and probably more because of my fear of dentists , I found myself trawling through YouTube and found myself on the strange part of the site. You know what I mean ,videos of people pulling spaghetti out of their nose and cats supposedly talking back to their owners.
Anyway I watched a rather amazing video of transformation of a caterpillar into a  beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

The wee caterpillar larvae after its born  spends a few weeks wandering round it leaf quite happily eating away at it , but the time eventually comes when it must change into what it is meant to be, so it crawls onto a branch and slowly starts to form a cocoon around itself,the interesting thing is that this cocoon is not grown around the caterpillar but rather it has always been part of it , underneath the skin of the caterpillar which it then sheds in order for the cocoon or chrysalis to emerge. Now  I had always thought that when inside the cocoon the caterpillar just grew some wings then popped out a bit later , but in reality when inside its protective chrysalis  the caterpillar is disolved by enzymes and acids , and is disolved down to a liquid , it is from this liquid that the new butterfly is formed , in a sense its a the same creature that went in – but in an other sense  it is a whole new creature.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”-Genesis 1 verse 27

Just like the caterpillar we can be more than happy wandering round our patch on the leaf , just getting on day by day living out our life in our way and doing what we want. But  like caterpillar has its chrysalis (its path to its its real and full purpose) just beneath the surface it is the same with us. I am prone to forgetting this incredible verse in Genesis and its far reaching implications . Our God who loves us created us with a part of himself in us – but this can only come to the surface if we desire to be changed, if the caterpillar went against nature and stayed the way it was then the chrysalis would also stay where it was, there would be no change and the caterpillar would live and die not knowing of the beautiful future it could have had.
It is only when we see that there is more to life than our bit of leaf that we can start our transformation.

” Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – 2 Corinthians 5 verse 17

In order for the butterfly to be born , all of the catterpillar must be gone , if it did not then the butterfly would not form properly and it would not be a real butterfly. It is not good enough for the caterpillar to give some of itself , all must be given. It can not just grow a nice pair of wings so it looks like a butterfly because in reality it is nothing new it is  the same old being with some nice but useless decoration.
It is the same for us , if we are to call ourselves Christians then doing the actions – going to church , praying, reading the bible , acting like a good Christian (although all very good and well) by themselves will no more make us a real Christian than a set of wings will make a caterpillar a butterfly – in the end its  nothing more than an outward display , but no real internal change or transformation.
In order to be truly new creations we must give all we are over to Christ to be made new creatures, Our old ways and old selves cannot appear before the throne of a perfect God , only once we have been made new through Christ through salvation ( that is believing , repenting and loving him)can we enjoy an eternal life , living out the life and doing it in the way we were initially created to do.
The Butterfly changes through its own power , but if it was not for Christs sacrifice for us then we would be powerless to change ,but if we are in him then the change is sure and permanent.
It may not be an incredible change like the bright orange of the butterfly , or the Expereince Paul had on the road to Damascus in Acts chapter 9, but no matter how gradual or subtle the change is one which will last for eternity , and with the change comes the promise that the same Christ that transformed us will always be with us
” Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”
-Philippians 1 verse 6

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked pensively. 
“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” -Trina Paulus

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