A walk with God – Day 2

A Real Cure 


Im no great photographer but the next thing that I came across on my walk was a large patch of nettles , which in my shorts I decided to walk through – not the smartest move. But as you can just see at the bottom of the nettles there is almost always another leaf growing , a ‘dock leaf’ . It was my Dad that first taught me if you rubbed the leaf on a nettle sting it will soothe the area and cause the inflammation to go away.

I was going to write about how salvation through Jesus was the cure to the sting of death , but since this blog series is focusing more on the ongoing Christian walk we can look at how in our daily experience  we can often let ourselves get stung by the dangers around us ,and look at the pain relief that God offers to us.

The verse that sums up this situation is found in Jeremiah 8 and verse 22:
”  Is there no balm in Gilead?”
In this verse we find Jeremiah crying out after Gods people have continually sinned against God and caused God a great pain , so much so that God had said he would stop listening to their pleas.
For us to see the importance of this verse we have to understand Gilead as the area where many medicines were produced , and it is where most of the physicians trained.  But Jeremiah knew that even this great place of healing could offer no real help to the situation that the people were in , they had sinned against God , and only God could heal the wound they had created.

How often in our own walk do we get into situations (often willingly) in which we know that we can get hurt and do ourselves harm. I know that from my own spiritual experience  that this is so often the case, and like I found out today when I plowed straight through the nettles it is all too easy to find ourselves in such situations.
I was gonna include a pic of my stung leg ,but I dont want to lose any readers.

In our Christian walk we daily have to face many differing trials and temptations , we all have our own particular weaknesses and sins that we fall into and we all know what it is to fall short of the glory of God. We can also see may examples of this happening throughout the bible, Gods chosen people wandering away from him and ending up in situations that brought them to harm.  The children Of Isreal sinning and ending up wandering the desert for an extra 40 years , Jonah ignoring the call of God and we know what happened to him , and I could list of names of people in the bible who although they were Gods people they still walked headlong into the nettle patch of sin.

So we know that we all experience the Sting , so what about the healing ?

We can try and heal our own stings, try and claw our way back out of our sins , try and make up the distance that we have created with God, try once more to breakdown the wall that we tried to build between God and ouselves.
But im sure you know that when we create distance with Our God , only he can soothe our pain and draw near to us.
One of the most beautiful verses of Gods healing and forgivenes is found in Hosea 14 and verse 4 :
“I will heal their waywardness and love them freely,for my anger has turned away from them.”

Its always good to realize that our sins do not effect our salvation , if we are saved then our sinning simply can not go beyond Gods forgiveness and Love for his children- ” You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea” Micah 7verse 19

When we do let sin enter our lives , there is only one way to solve the situation and that is to turn back to our saving and loving God. Christ has already given over his life for us , he will not let us go on account of our sins. His love and forgiveness is to marvelous and perfect for that to happen.
There is no balm in Gilead that can help heal the self inflicted wounds of sin on our lifes, only our God can heal us from the sting.
Sometimes God has to dig deep into the wound to fully cleanse it , and it will hurt and it will expose sins that the have tried to hide, but our Loving father and caring healer does all this for our good.

So if you are suffering from the pain of sin that has entered into your life, do not waste time trying by own power to make things right -you simply will not manage it . Turn back to your Saviour God and he will clean the wound and soothe the pain.


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