Day 54

All The Small Things …

“And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” Mark 16 verse 15

In my falling behind of the blogs I realized just how truly lazy I am for God. I have excuses but none that really excuse me from not doing part of the work that I know God has called me to do.
When I started these blogs I thought it would be a nice wee idea and no idea that God would really use them – ive been challenged , confused and brought to tears writing some days. And God has seen fit to use the blogs.
Even with all this I still found it all too easy to fall behind and become complacent with the blogs,
its is very often  the same in our Christian lives, God has called us to be witnesses for him – its surprisingly easy to be witnesses in the bigger aspects of life like organizing prayer events or fellowships or things like that.
But in being witnesses we also have to do small and possibly seemingly unimportant actions- giving a smile to that guy you know is going through a tough time, sending a text to that girl that you know needs some support,
being calm and patient to that person who knows just how to annoy you.
Its in these small things that the world is likely to see living your life for Christ and to see his love through you.
So Just an encouragement to just keep living your daily life for God, in small things and in the things that seem nothing to us but could be the very light of God to those that we do them for.

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