Day 31 …

The Ultimate Substitute

“… but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18 verse 24

I heard a pretty amazing and true story the other day:
There were two African football teams: one from the North and one from the South. One day these teams were pitted against each other , both teams subbed in a new player at the sane time at hearing the other teams subbing called the players looked at each other and stopped in their tracks. As silence began to fall and the crowd watched these two players they walked up to each other and weeping and sobbing they began to hug.
It turns out that these two men were brothers separated by birth and kept at seperate ends of the worlds second largest continent.
This is an amazing story but it is nothing compared to the story of restored brotherhood that we find in Jesus.
In our situation with Jesus the story is different in that the separation is a willing one on our behalf, we happily walk away from Jesus and separate ourselves from him.
But If we turn to him a beg and cry out for forgivness then just like the story he will give us a big hug, these footballers didnt think about what kept them apart in the past, all that mattered was that they now were reunited, well it is no different with Jesus.

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