Day 26 …

“Me Me Me ! No, Him Him Him!”

I spend so much time moaning and complaining that I have so much to do and that I cant cope and that I feel I need to do this because I feel burdened about it . ”
Notice the problem ?
In all honesty i often find myself saying and thinking stuff like this, I easily forget that my life is no longer mine – my problems are no longer mine, neither are my worries and concerns. If we are to call ourselves Christians we have to remember that God wants to hear our prayers, not because he needs them , and certainly not because he dosent know what we want or need. God wants us to pray to him because he wants a chance to listen to and to talk back to his beloved little child.
So often in our daily walk we heap on burdens onto ourselves and when they begin to build up we (I) often complain to God about giving me all these burdens, completely forgetting the fact I never gave them to him in the first place.
If you are a Christian then just remember you have died and are now a new creature , a new being that is fully invested in God your worries , cares , sadness’s and burdens are his now, give them over to him , after all he will sort them out far that better than you or I ever could.
If you dont know this God as your savior, Then Jesus died for you when he dies he took all your sins and your burdens , if you believe and love him he promises to remove these burdens from you. Simple as that.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11 verse 28

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