Day 21

Undeserved Forgiveness

“Ill have to save him, because, after all a persons a person , no matter how small” ‘horton hears a who’ Dr Seuss

The more observant readers, will realize that today’s blog is slightly deviated  from the usual pattern in that ive quoted from Dr Seuss, I had a great day today over at a very dear Christian sister’s house , and on her “memory wall” there was this quote. Im sure some may think it is silly of me to use this quote but it spoke to me, no mater how we paint ourselves and act like we have it all sorted we are all just sad and poor little sinners. From the outside looking in we are nothing barley noticeable. But Jesus saw me and he saw you and he wanted to come and die to save you , yes he saw all your sin he saw the way you treated people and he saw the deepest darkest thought in my and in your mind. But in his amazing love and mercy he made himself as small as us and died for you and for me. The king of all the universe stepped down and died in our place.
If you are a Christian bear in mind that we are all deemed worthy to be saved , so let us not doubt Gods salvation power and pray and lift up anyone you know that isnt saved , no matter how unlikely it may seem
If you are not a Christian then Jesus loves you , the work is done he has already died for you. Turn to Jesus ask forgiveness and love him . Nothing more.

” For the Son of Man(Jesus) came to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19 verse 10

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