Day 19

Ever Burning Flames

“…for our God is a consuming fire”  Hebrews 12 verse 29

I dont know about you , but whenever I see a fire I cant help but stare into the flames it has a drawing force.
But fire is destructive , its breaks down and takes all it touches. This is a powerful analogy of the all  powerful and almighty God.
He provides comfort, warmth and protection from the cold of the dark night . But he is also able to utterly destroy and consume all that he does touch. If you Know God as your friend and you’re saviour, do not fear his destruction or his all destroying fire, but instead rejoice in the caring and comforting God that keeps you safe and lights your path.
If you do not know God and dont know his love , then it is your choice what side of God you will eventually have to face , the loving caring God that warms you with the gentle glow and warmth of his love , or the blazing and destructive God that consumes all.
If you do not know God then simply call out to him ,believe in him  and believe that he died for you. Draw close to the eternally burning fire  of his love.

“Gods accepting fire will only fall on the willing sacrifice”

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