Day 17

Eternity Of Love

“…because of the truth that abides in us and will be with us forever” 2John1 verse 2

Again like the last few days this verse really speaks for itself, it is an encourgment to believers to remember that the truth of God will not leave them, if it is genuine . So what is this truth of God ? It is Gods promised saviour Jesus and his salvation for all who want it.
Just want  to look at  two quick word studies firstly looking at “abide” in the original Greek as its used here it could also be translated as “living” this truth is not just a simple fact  that Gods children know about.
Jesus is a livng and dynamic God hes not just a  theology or a doctrine he is a living God who intervenes and cares for the people he saved.
Also looking at “forever” most siple translation is “eternity”  sure we here it often enough that “God is eternal” or “eternity in heaven” but if we really stop and think about it God wants us to be with him for all eternity, us sinners who constantly turn our backs on him and despise him.
He wants our company and our worship for the rest of time.
If you know and have this truth in our hearts then relax and take rest in the fact that no matter what you have an eternity of love to look forward to.
If you dont Know Jesus as you saviour then you are living your life without knowing the truth you were made to know. That yeah you have messed up but if you call and cry out to Jesus he will hear ypu and save you, to be with him for an eternity of praise.

” Once a man is united to God, how could he not live forever?” C.S Lewis

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