Day 15

He Bears Our Burdens So We May Now Bear Each Others

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6 verse 2

This really speaks for itself in many ways , it’s a simple encouragement to look after and love our brothers and sisters by carrying helping to carry their burdens. We do this in love to them , if it’s done in love and self sacrifice then it is completing the law of Christ.
Just sticking with this the word “bear” that is used in the verse, in the Greek it’s very base route word is “βάσις” it means to walk along carrying a weight on your back. It is essential that if we carry each others burdens then we can’t give up halfway through and drop our share of the burden back at their feet, we need to keep walking forward and keep carrying that burden , by doing this we are keeping the law of Christ. We can carry each others burdens , but our brother and Lord Jesus Christ on that cross took all of my and your burden of sin onto himself . He took the crushing weight of our constant sinning and did it willingly, if we are in him the weight has gone there is no burden , we still sin but it is lost in the sea of Christs amazing love for us.
So rest and take joy that if you know him you are free to run and jump in the love of Christ , their is no weight keeping you down.
If you do not know Christ as your saviour, then you have probably grown used to this weight but if you pray and ask God to remove it then you can stop stooping and stand up straight in the presence and love of God.

“The Christian has burdens, but they are God Given burdens not God despising burdens”

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